Events Children's Parties - For Birthdays, graduations, or any other parties you can think of, I'll arrive in full gear and teach the lads and lasses how to be a good professional pirates, put them through Pirate Basic Training, making them all as honorary members of the crew, lead them on a treasure hunt for any hidden treasure that will be a part of a learning game. Motivational Speaker - Know how we all need motivation, many don't know what/where and how to get where we need to be. Captain Kiltman with his Puppet Pirate friends, motivates and encourage kids, teenagers, adults and seniors to do the right this and encourage them in the right direction.. Special Appearances - So you may not have a whole party planned, but I'm happy to make a surprise appearance for someone special. If you have a gift, flowers and or sing  you'd like me to present, I'd be happy to do so. School & Church Visits - Unlike most pirates, I actually know how to read, write, math tell stories. On a visit to a school, depending on the grade level, I'll be visiting, I can read from children's or any books about pirates, such stories like Treasure island and so on. I can even give a short lesson with questions and answers. Also reading stories from the Bible too. Book us - on location to perform exclusively at any event. Creating an adventure of a lifetime around our presence at your event! And tell your kids/guests that they can be part of a pirate adventure, hunting for treasure, games, singing and telling a story that can imagine they're really there. Besides, this is not for kids but for adults. All in all. it just  a good family entertainment for everyone. Please read our Pirates Code.  Go to our show page Back to top page
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